Photopolymer film

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PolimerPro is a leading manufacturer of photopolymer film in Poland. This element is one of the types of matrices used in printing processes, especially in flexography. Photopolymer film is mainly used for printing labels and packaging. This material is cured by light. In addition, polymers are distinguished by their flexibility, which makes them easily adaptable to different printing surfaces.

What does it look like to make a photopolymer film?

The manufacture of photopolymer film consists of several stages. At the beginning of the process it is necessary to prepare the matrix - the negative of the printed image is created. For this purpose, digital technology (CTP) is used. The next step is to expose the material. The places on which the UV light falls are hardened. The film is then subjected to fixation. This protects the image and ensures its durability. The final step in creating the photopolymer film is mounting it on a suitable substrate. This is an important step, as it allows the image to be accurately transferred to the printed surface, and this positively affects the quality of the print. Once the photopolymer film is in the right place, the printing process can begin.

Application of photopolymer film in flexographic printing

Photopolymer film is important in flexographic printing technology. It is used for printing packaging (including flexible packaging), labels, newspapers and magazines, films, laminated materials and cardboard. Thanks to photopolymer film, it is possible to accurately reproduce a variety of graphics on the aforementioned surfaces. The most common are images, logos, product information or barcodes. The use of film in flexographic printing is a guarantee of flexibility and short printing time of the substrate.

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