Printing forms


We specialize in the production of photopolymer printing forms, i.e. elements mounted in printing machines. Most often, they are in the form of plates with applied graphics, which are directly or indirectly applied to the printed surface through the use of ink. To create printing molds, we use digital technology - exposure (Computer to Plate). We have a Degraf Glunz & Jensen mold exposing machine. We also have a Kodak Flexcel NX machine. With specialized machines, we produce exposed and developed forms. In this case, the image is transferred directly to the plate through CTP exposing machines and then subjected to the development process. We also offer other types of printing molds, including environmental molds in an extended range of colors. Customers can also commission us to produce large-format printing forms for use on packaging and other corrugated cardboard items. These are produced on the basis of polymer board technology. Those interested in our company's services are welcome to contact us.

Printing forms - what are their main types?

There are 3 basic types of printing molds - flat, concave and convex. With flat point molds, the printing and non-printing areas are at the same level. This type is used most often in light printing, lithography and offset printing. Concave printing molds are distinguished by the fact that the printing spots are below the non-printing surface. They are used, for example, in rotogravure and pad printing. Convex printing molds, on the other hand, are the inverse of the concave type. They are usually used in letterpress and flexography. A flexographic photopolymer mold consists of a protective film and layers: with an ablative mask, photopolymer, adhesive and primer.

What are eco-friendly printing forms?

We offer eco-friendly printing forms. They were created to minimize the negative impact on the environment. The production of ecological molds is based on the sustainable use of raw materials, the reduction of harmful emissions and the reduction of waste. Our company mainly specializes in creating CTP molds. They are characterized by the fact that the image is applied to the surface from a computer. This eliminates the need for film and chemicals. Eco-friendly printing molds are available in an expanded gamut.