Distillation of photopolymer leaches


We offer photopolymer leach distillation services. We use 6 distillation equipment to carry out tasks in this area. They were manufactured by well-known and respected companies: IST and Formeco. Our product range includes all the leachers that are available on the market - solvit, flexosol and nylosolv. We also have our own production line, which is based on the Flint Group processor along with an eco-friendly solvent - FS90i (kerosene-free solution). Thanks to this, we are able to reduce the drying time of the printing form by up to half. This makes the tasks entrusted to us even faster. We are the only company in the country with exclusive rights to distill FS90i solution. If you are looking for a company that specializes in solvent distillation, we encourage you to cooperate with us.

What is the regeneration of photopolymer leachers?

After the solvent distillation process, we carry out regeneration of photopolymer leaches. It consists in studying their chemical composition. If necessary, we replenish the leaches with the appropriate components. When performing this task, it is important to add a certain amount of them. By doing so, we restore the solvents to their properties, and this makes them reusable.

What is the purpose of photopolymer leach distillation?

Solvent distillation is carried out to purify solvents or recover the chemicals they contain. The process involves heating a mixture of solvent and substances dissolved in it, and then condensing the steam. This produces a pure leachate. Distillation also allows the separation of the solvent from the uncured photopolymer residue, as well as any impurities. The process has many economic and environmental benefits, as it reduces the amount of harmful chemical waste and, on top of that, lowers the cost of solvent production.