Photopolymer plates

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Repro studio

Our graphic studio consists of three creative graphic designers who develop graphic designs both from scratch and those sent by the client - taking into account different types of substrates.


Service of distillation and regeneration of photopolymer leaches.


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About Us

PolimerPro is an independent, family-owned flexographic preparation plant. The company's competitive advantage is ensured by the fastest order processing time in Poland, a nationwide coverage and a flexible form of cooperation.

During the first 10 years of our existence we used analogue technology for the production of photopolymer plates. In 2007 we invested in digital technology (CTP - Computer to Plate). We purchased a Kodak Thermoflex Narrow in 720×760 mm format and a system for proofs Efi. In the same year we decided to expand our business with photopolymer washout distillation service. During 8 years we have become a market leader. Currently we have 6 distillation equipment and 3 cars for their transport. The year 2012 was a breakthrough for our company. We received funding for the purchase of Kodak Flexcel NX flexographic production system, which is now the most desired by flexographic printing houses technology of making matrices. Along with the beginning of 2015, we invested in another Degraf Glunz&Jensen mould exposure machine with a format of 2030×1320 mm.

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Photopolymer plates

For making photopolymer plates we use two production lines in CTP (Computer to Plate) technology. The first line is based on the round dot technology - matrices are exposed using Kodak Thermoflex.

A flat top dot, however, is achieved using Kodak's innovative Kodak Flexcel NX exposure unit. It guarantees high print quality that rivals that of rotogravure, reduced start-up time, less waste and downtime, longer-lasting forms, more efficient ink consumption and the elimination of common problems that can occur in flexo production.

Flexel NX features Digicap NX. Kodak Flexcel NX plates combined with Digicap, a microstructure on the surface of the raster point, allow for higher optical density, better contrast and cleaner tonal transitions while delivering higher performance and lower overall cost.

From 1.04.2020, PolimerPro offers ecological printing forms in an extended range and large format printing forms for corrugated cardboard based on an innovative technology of producing polymer plates with a flat raster point tip.


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Repro studio

Our repro studio consists of three creative graphic designers who develop graphic designs both from scratch and those sent by the client - taking into consideration various types of substrates. When establishing cooperation with a new client we always start with the process of profiling the printing machine. A very important element of graphic designers' work is creating GMG proofs. We work using Adobe software: Illustrator, Photoshop, as well as ColorAnt and Copra profiling software.

Distillation and Regeneration

Service of distillation and regeneration of photopolymer washouts. In our offer we have all washouts available on the market: solvit, nylosolv, flexosol and ecological, kerosene-free agent fs90i - we obtained exclusive rights for its distillation in Poland. Each time after the distillation process we additionally perform a regeneration service, i.e. we test the composition of the washout and supplement it with components in appropriate quantities. We are the leader on the Polish market, we have 6 distilling equipment reputable companies Formeco, IST and , we also offer our own transport.

P.P.H.U. "PolimerPro" s.c. implements the project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the sub-measure 3.2.2 Credit for technological innovation of the Operational Programme "Intelligent Development" from 2014 to 2020

Project title: "Implementation to PPHU POLIMERPRO s.c. of R&D works concerning production of ecological large format corrugated board printing forms on the basis of innovative technology of polymer boards production with flat raster point tip"

The aim of the project is to implement R&D works concerning the production of innovative products into the activities of PPHU POLIMERPRO s.c,

ecological photopolymer forms for printing high quality unit packaging and corrugated cardboard

Project value: 2 488 602.18 pln

EU co-financing of the project: 1,368,731.19 pln


Photopolymer plates

    Kodak Flexcel NX Technology

    Distillation and regeneration


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